We are excited to announce the upcoming listing of NFT “Splash” created by famous Japanese pornstar Ai Uehara(上原亜衣), and currently owned by an anonymous and well-endowed NFT collector Caesar.

The NFT art work will be listed on our protocol for subscribing. After successful subscription, the Shards will flow into secondary markets for trading. It is expected to become one of the largest hit all time.

So this is how it works. ShardingDAO basically solves the problem of NFT liquidity by fractionalizing any NFT into pieces (we call it Shards, which are ERC20), so that later on anyone can trade those…

Dear community,

We recently completed the seed round of financing. These seed investors have helped ShardingDAO significantly in promoting our brand, and we believe they will continue to do so in the future.

According to the agreement, the way it unlocks is that 15% will unlock right now, with the rest linear vesting in 12 month. We are going to launch a Timelock in the near future which will transfer the unlocked SHD in the current period from the investors’ share.

We truly appreciate our community’s support and please stay tuned for more future endeavors.

ShardingDAO Team

ShardingDAO has officially launched Mining Phase 2 on April 13th. Users can establish an invitation relationship and stake LP Tokens of “SHD-ETH”, “SHD-BNB” and “Shard-Subscription Tokens” to obtain liquidity income.

ShardingDAO’s Mining Phase 2 total supply 21,000,000 SHD, released according to the 4-year halving rule; the output of each block of the Ethereum chain is 1.04994 SHD, and the output of each block of the Binance chain is 0.01246 SHD. Of all mining revenue, 80% is allocated to mining users and 20% is allocated to DeveloperDAO.

Mining Rules

During this period, users can obtain SHD mining income by using LP Tokens of…

The second stage of ShardingDAO mining will be officially launched at 11:00 (GMT+8) on April 13th. At that time, the first stage of mining will also end simultaneously and no more revenue will be gained. In order to allow users to have a better mining experience and gain more revenue, ShardingDAO will simultaneously launch the migration function.

The migration function can help users with a series of operations such as asset redemption, exchange, and provision of liquidity without jumping to the page, and directly migrate the assets pledged in “Mining Phase 1” to “Mining Phase 2”. …

Up until 2:45pm on April 1st, ShardingDAO’s first ever own NFT asset The Birth of NFT Democracy” has come to an end to its 7-day subscription period, now officially entering into the secondary market where you can freely trade the shards $BIR against $WETH.

The price has seen a nearly 170% increase 2 hours after the market is open.

The final market cap of this fractionized NFT has surpassed 67 ETH, 22 times more than the initial minimum subscription value, which is 3 ETH.

Now the market cap is soaring to 176.92 ETH.

You can trade $BIR — $WETH at…

Up until 2pm, March 30 (GMT+8), ShardingDAO’s own NFT project, a lovely handcrafted art drawing minted by ShardingDAO’s founding team, came to an end during the five-day subscription, more than one hundred subscribers and has reached a total subscription of 67.51 ETH.

The Birth of NFT Democracy, is a hand-drafted art created by ShardingDAO Team, which consists of 5 pieces, showcasing every detail of ShardingDAO, from the company’s ideation to implementation. The final market cap of this fractionized NFT has surpassed 67 ETH, 22 times more than the initial minimum subscription value, which is 3 ETH.

About The Birth of…

After 4 days of subscription, ShardingDAO’s first official NFT asset — 「The Birth of NFT Democracy」, is worth 8.76 ETH, which has nearly tripled compared to the starting price.

There are only 1 day before the auction deadline. Believing that every NFT lover and ShardingDAO supporter should not miss it.

If you want to join in with us, please check the link.

Now, let us introduce the unique story of each NFT in 「The Birth of NFT Democracy」!


We are excited to inform you that our Fragmentation function has launched on March 25th (SGT). Users can securitize and fragment their NFT (ERC721/ERC1155) into ERC20 Tokens and support the packaging and fragmentation of multiple NFT assets.

Access: https://app.shardingdao.com/create

How does ShardingDAO work?

The shard creator can customize the way the asset gets split. This includes choosing the shard price, the type of crypto to subscribe to, and the minimum subscription price. In order to ensure the security of users’ assets, the platform has set up a White List of Subscription Tokens. Only the whitelisted cryptocurrencies can be accepted for the Subscriptions.

The default…

The output ber block is designed to be much higher during Mining Phase 1 than Mining Phase 2. Therefore we highly suggest Mining Phase 1.

ShardingDAO’s Mining Phase 1 will officially start at 11:00 am (SGT) on March 23, 2021. It will last for 21 days. The total mining reward will be 1,500,000 SHD; the output of each block of the Ethereum chain will be 10.45 SHD. On Binance Smart Chain, the output of each block of the chain is 0.1240 SHD. …

Mining Phase 1 has just gone live!

Distribution & Duration

We will be distributing 1,500,000 SHD in total from 11 am on April 6th, 2021 (Singapore Time) to April 27th, 2021 (Singapore Time).

General Rules

  • During this period, users with established referral relationships can mine with a range of cryptos. You can access the pools from here: https://app.shardingdao.com/farms-stage-one
  • With each referral relationship established, both sides become entitled to higher mining rewards. This means, for a referer, more referees always result in higher mining rewards. In the meanwhile, uninvited users will be automatically denied access to the Pools.
  • In the meanwhile…


An NFT fragmentation protocol and a marketplace for the shards. www.shardingdao.com

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