Japanese Pornstar Ai Uehara’s NFT To Be Listed On April 25th

2 min readApr 22, 2021


We are excited to announce the upcoming listing of NFT “Splash” created by famous Japanese pornstar Ai Uehara(上原亜衣), and currently owned by an anonymous and well-endowed NFT collector Caesar.

The NFT art work will be listed on our protocol for subscribing. After successful subscription, the Shards will flow into secondary markets for trading. It is expected to become one of the largest hit all time.

So this is how it works. ShardingDAO basically solves the problem of NFT liquidity by fractionalizing any NFT into pieces (we call it Shards, which are ERC20), so that later on anyone can trade those shards in the secondary market.

It adds great values to artists (or NFT owners) because it can help them not only quickly sell their arts but also at a higher price. A week ago one of NFTs listed on our protocol was subscribed at a total value of (67 ETH) , that is 22 times higher than the initial minimum subscription price (3 ETH) set by the owner. (The owner gets around 95% of the sales from the Shards)

It adds value to NFT collectors or anyone who’s interested in buying NFT because now they can purchase a small portion of very expensive NFT that they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford, and later on sell them at a higher price in the secondary market.

The Splash is created by famous a Japanese porn star Ai Uehara and sold on rarible.com. The buyer is NFTCaeser (https://twitter.com/caesarnft), he told us that his mission is to democratize the arts, which totally aligns with our mission and value. By buying Ai Uehara’s NFT and then listing it on ShardingDAO, it allows people to buy a piece of Ai Uehara’s work but also pay back what they should have done before.

The starting subscription time for Ai Uehara’s NFT is on April 25th. For details please stay tuned.