ShardingDAO: Free NFT Liquidity!


Background of the NFT market

Trends in the existing market environment

ShardingDAO’s solution

  • Use Fractionization Method to lower down the participating bar for individuals;
  • Sharding high-value NFTs will unfasten the liquidity of NFT, therefore, enhance its status as a financial asset. For those who need lesser funds, shards of one high-value NFT can be used as collateral to get a loan or be exchanged for cash in the market. Art collectibles collateralization is no longer the game only for the wealthiest 1%.
  • Let the free market decide what’s the price of the art. Artwork and collectibles will not survive in the market if it does not provide value constantly to the public. NFT is a alive, and is a programmable, organic form of art.
  • Single NFTs could be put into bigger collections and made as one asset.
  • Fractionization Mechanism: Fractionalization shards one or more nonfungibles into an ERC20 currency which can gain liquidity on a DEX or centralized exchange. Anyone can buy some amount of the currency and helps to establish an overall valuation, which brings down the valuation cost for each user (but not necessarily in the mechanism as a whole).
  • Interact with DeFi Lego to realize the composability of DeFi protocols: Integrated with an AMM-enabled DEX, the protocol provides essential liquidity support for NFT sharding; Yield Farming incentivizes the public to provide liquidity; Besides, our protocol can also interact with other NFT protocols, which facilitates an NFT assets common market across networks.
  • DAO realizes the co-creation of art assets and determines the future financial directions for these assets: The DAO of the protocol provides an autonomous community for Shard owners to jointly manage the NFT. This means they collectively decide the development directions, the distribution of benefits, which encourages the public to add more assets to the community and play more active roles in governing the NFT.

Token Distribution: $SHD

  • Liquidity Mining (56%): distributed to the public through liquidity mining
  • Marketing & Airdrop (13.33%): reserved for Marketing and Airdrop to incentivize users
  • Investors (13.33%): reserved for future investors
  • Developer DAO (17.34%): reserved for developers, released along with protocol liquidity mining

Comparing with competitions

1. Unlock higher liquidity for NFTs and form a free market to discover the value and price of NFT.

2. Public co-ownership and DAO governance faciliates more future developments.

3. Open ecosystem in partnership with existing DEX/swaps to grow further

IP in Negotiations




An NFT fragmentation protocol and a marketplace for the shards.

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An NFT fragmentation protocol and a marketplace for the shards.

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