ShardingDAO Kickstarts the Future of NFT With “The Birth of NFT Democracy”

2 min readMar 30, 2021


Up until 2pm, March 30 (GMT+8), ShardingDAO’s own NFT project, a lovely handcrafted art drawing minted by ShardingDAO’s founding team, came to an end during the five-day subscription, more than one hundred subscribers and has reached a total subscription of 67.51 ETH.

The Birth of NFT Democracy, is a hand-drafted art created by ShardingDAO Team, which consists of 5 pieces, showcasing every detail of ShardingDAO, from the company’s ideation to implementation. The final market cap of this fractionized NFT has surpassed 67 ETH, 22 times more than the initial minimum subscription value, which is 3 ETH.

About The Birth of NFT Democracy

The ShardingDAO team believes that most of the crypto artworks/collectibles in the current NFT market are presented in single works, and the narrative and expansibility of the works themselves are subject to certain restrictions. Presenting NFT works in the form of a combination can not only allow crypto artists to articulate the story behind the series of works, but also put together works of different cultural backgrounds to engender a more diversified NFT portfolio, therefore making everything more enticing and tempting.

Because of that wholeheartedness, ShardingDAO has collaborated with artists to create this “genesis” NFT asset The Birth of NFT Democracy, commemorating the democratization of the art, or any kind of intellectual crystallization.

The whole subscription process of The Birth of NFT Democracy will last for seven days, and now it’s five days in. In the last remaining 2 days, from March 30 to April 1, 2:45PM (GMT+8), participants will no longer be able to subscribe, but can redeem the subscribed token. After the 2:45PM, participants will no longer be able to redeem.

About ShardingDAO

ShardingDAO ( is an NFT contract Dapp, which fractionizes NFTs into pieces and allows the public to collectively own and rule their belongings.

On this platform, NFTs belong to the public, and its price discovery, development direction, and benefit distribution are determined by the public; Anyone can trade NFT shards and create capital efficiency based on the AMM mechanism; Besides, the platform is an open ecosystem that supports the integration with other DeFi protocols to achieve interaction with DeFi Lego.