「The Birth of NFT Democracy」is still in SUBSCRIPTION, and its value has TRIPLED!!!

2 min readMar 29, 2021


After 4 days of subscription, ShardingDAO’s first official NFT asset — 「The Birth of NFT Democracy」, is worth 8.76 ETH, which has nearly tripled compared to the starting price.

There are only 1 day before the auction deadline. Believing that every NFT lover and ShardingDAO supporter should not miss it.

If you want to join in with us, please check the link.

Now, let us introduce the unique story of each NFT in 「The Birth of NFT Democracy」!


This draft is our first idea of ShardingDAO — We want to create an NFT trading platform jointly owned/managed by the public, where art democratization and low-cost capital circulation can be achieved.

“Cryptoart belongs to the public”


You can contact and join us through Twitter, Telegram, Wechat, Discord, Forum, and experience a new way to play in the NFT field!


We invited a digital artist to design ShardingDAO’s first NFT asset. This is his design sketch.


We took this as the main screen of ShardingDAO’s official website.An NFT trading platform that realized democratization of art and low-cost capital circulation was born.

Here NFT belongs to the public, and its value discovery, development direction and benefit distribution are all determined by the public; anyone can buy NFT shards here, and unlock the liquidity of NFT based on the trading platform of the AMM mechanism; the platform is still an open ecosystem.


After coloring and optimization, ShardingDAO’s first NFT asset was born. It’s interesting, fragmented and listed.