You Can Now Begin to Trade the Shards of “The Birth of NFT Democracy”

1 min readApr 1, 2021


Up until 2:45pm on April 1st, ShardingDAO’s first ever own NFT asset The Birth of NFT Democracy” has come to an end to its 7-day subscription period, now officially entering into the secondary market where you can freely trade the shards $BIR against $WETH.

The price has seen a nearly 170% increase 2 hours after the market is open.

The final market cap of this fractionized NFT has surpassed 67 ETH, 22 times more than the initial minimum subscription value, which is 3 ETH.

Now the market cap is soaring to 176.92 ETH.

You can trade $BIR — $WETH at 🔗Link

-Here is the allocation of the shards and ETH-

BIR: 90% belongs to the shard subscribers, 5% belongs to the shard creator, and 5% belongs to the platform;

ETH: The platform charges ETH equivalent to 5% BIR as a handling fee, and the remaining ETH belongs to the shard creator.